REVIEWS 58 ASHOKA’S DREAM Philip Grant reviews Bruce Rich’s To Uphold the World: A Call for a New Global Ethic from Ancient India 59 GETTING DOWNTOWORK Angela Malyon-Bein on

E.F. Schumacher’s memorable book A Guide for the Perplexed 60 POETIC POWER James Murray-White reviews

Rober t Fraser’s biography Night Thoughts: The Surreal Life of the Poet David Gascoyne


Cover: Three Fold by Helen Melland Exhibition in Totnes at (23 Nov to 5 Dec)

61 ACUMULATED DEPTH Jay Ramsay reviews Helen Moore’s

Hedge Fund: And Other Living Margins 62 A GHOSTLY DEBRIS Jeremy James reviews On Extinction: How We Became Estranged from Nature by

Melanie Challenger 63 IN MY OWNWORDS

Hugh Warwick encourages a deeper engagement with wildlife 64 BEAUTIFUL WORK,

BRUTAL BATTLE David Creelman on The Battle for the Life and Beauty of the Earth: A Struggle between Two World-Systems

65 MAKING MONEY Pat Conaty reviews James

Robertson’s Future Money: Breakdown or Breakthrough?

66LETTERS 67 A TRIBUTE TO JOHN LANE 68 SMALWORLD, BIG IDEAS A new collaborative book on activism, edited by Satish Kumar 68 ADVERTS

ditor’s Highlights

Pricing Nature “The neo-liberal takeover of environmentalism is not a new paradigm but an old confidence trick. Worse it is a trick being perpetrated by market forces and suppor ted by complicit environmentalists more interested in corporate goals than anything as antiquated as Nature.” These stinging words from respected naturalist, Paul Evans (see page 7), form the backbone of the key debate that runs through this new issue of Resurgence & Ecologist – namely not what market price we should be put on Nature and the ‘ser vices’ it supplies but whether Nature should be priced in any way at all. This is a critical debate that will run and run – dividing environmentalists, conservationists and all ecologists both sides of the deep or social ecology divide.

8THE GREAT AFRICA LAND GRAB The shocking scandal of (mostly) secretive land-grabbing – usually from those least able to defend their rights. Phil Bloomer, Oxfam GB’s director of campaigns and policy, discovered the latest research points to biofuels as a major driver for two thirds of these hidden deals

Issue 275


WHAT LIES BENEATH Less than 2% of UK waters are afforded any protection. Harry Bar ton, chief executive of Devon Wildlife Trust, asks why we don’t do more to protect the wildlife we cannot see – especially the life-forms lurking at the bottom of our seas?


FOREST SCHOOLS Teachers repor t that children attending Forest Schools listen more, are calmer, ask more questions and soon become physically and emotionally more confident. So what’s not to like? There are now 4,000 Forest Schools in the UK with the numbers on the rise. Annie Davy introduces a grassroots movement that has now come of age


REPAIR, REBUILD, RECONNECT The banking collapse will pale alongside the cost of our ecosystems unraveling, warns Peter Cairns, who is the brains behind the new 2020 Vision book project which invited 20 top photographers to document the ‘rewilding’ of 20 threatened Ecosystems.

Resurgence & Ecologist