The Economy of Nature

Why not create an economy that is self-renewing,

self-managing and self-sustaining?

In Nature, everything moves in cycles; cycles of time, cycles of life and, of course, a cycle of seasons. Things begin, things grow, things decay and then begin again.

This simple reality must now be placed at the centre of our thinking. Rather than a growth economy, we have to now think in terms of a cyclical economy.

In his article questioning the Chancellor’s attitude to Green Business, Tony Juniper, questions the wisdom of George Osborne’s mantra of more and more economic growth with no hope of ever achieving it. But who can tell the Chancellor he is chasing an unachievable goal?

How long can he go on pursuing this linear growth in GDP? What is his long-term vision for the British economy? Does he have any idea of how to create a new economy which is durable, stable and sustainable? We need to stop using the term economic growth and call it what it truly is – industrial growth - and then ask ourselves can we achieve unlimited, industrial growth forever and ever infinitum?

The answer is obvious. No. And so this is the thrust of the majority of articles in this issue.



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Issue 275

Resurgence & Ecologist