IS PRISON WORKING? Jonathan Wolff Prospec

HOW CHINA THINKS The brains behind a superpower By Mark Leonard

MARCH 2008


SHOULD BUYING SEX BE BANNED? Fiona Mactaggart vs Julia O’Connell Davidson

WHY I’M NO OBAMA FAN Trevor Phillips




In this issue:

RICHARD SENNETT Left-wing non-doms against Gordon Brown

ADAM PHILLIPS Can happiness be taught?

ERNST HILLEBRAND Where next for Europe’s centre-left?

SAM KNIGHT meets the world’s secret rulemakers

TERRY EAGLETON Why James Wood should read more theory

JONATHAN FORD Who is to blame for the super-rich?

JOHN GRAY on JGBallard’s unexpected lyricism

ANDREW ADONIS Where did it all go wrong for Britain’s trains?

DUNCAN FALLOWELL “I could have been a Krautrock superstar”

FICTION by Anne Enright