Th,e Gramophone, D ecembe1', 1928

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The 1929 Vlva-tona' Columbiathe only gramophone that gives the vivid realism of the original performance- the only gramophone that makes you feel the actual presence of the performers. And the reason - the introduction of the new , PLANO, REFLEX' prJndpJes by Columbia, making i t the first and only gramophone to give effect ively equal response with full amplification over a range of seven octaves. 2;..


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This model i. the 1929 C on s ol e d . Luxe Model No.15 6 a Price - £27. 10 • 0 Other Model. from £3 . 10 • O. Se nd fo r full desc r ip t i v e ca ta lo gue and specia l in v i ta t io n card en rillin a b ea r e r to free C olumbia demon stration a t n ea r est dealers-toColumbia Grapho pho ne Co., Ld.• t o 102 - 108 . C1 e rkenwc U R o ad , L o nd o n, E. C. l .




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