Im hofs'Eight Floors of Hi-Fi add up to Number One.

m hofs was founded in 1845. Almost a century later ,. in 1935, the store became Britain's first-ever hi-fi cen tre. And it's still in first place. Because our standa rds of quality, choice and service are higher. tha ever before. All our sales people are rna ufacturer trained. In the many demonstration show roollts we have, you can compare and purchase hi-fi, TV's, cassettes, radios and accessories from front-rarlk makers like Bang & Olufsen. The elegant new ground floor showrooms hO'use one of London's finest stocks of classical recor ds a nd cassettes, whilst our sixth floor video stu i is the newest-and bestin i tain. Imhofs eight floors are at YOlI service. Completely.



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