TANDBERG Legendary perfection

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seethe TANDBERG showroom at ZMHOFS

112-116 New Oxford Street, London We1 A 1HJ telephone 01-636 7878

Open six full days a week including Saturday

Tandberg equipment is a delight to own and a delight to use-but then precision always is. The f i rst step towards these delights is choosing your equipmentand there is no better place to do this than at Imhofs For here on the f i rst f loor at Imhof House is a special . Tandberg showroom with a trained consultant who really knows all there is to know about Tandberg equipment. He will not only advise you, he will give you a personal demonstration of the items that interest you, such as-high fidelity stere<;> amplifiers and tuners, tape decks and recorders; speakers, cassette decks, and, of course, those superb Tandberg colour television sets See Tandberg at Imhofs, hear Tandberg at Imhofs, buy Tandberg at Imhofs-and your equipment will be covered by the famous Imhofs Sales Charter which includes twelve months service completely free of charge

And remember, while ~ou are at Imhofs you can buy your records, tapes and cassettes from one of the best selections in London-and they will sound even better when played on your Tandberg equipment if its new frona 'lindberg .. ~ou will find it first l it imhofs