October, 1954


I£ Iny yoar 'ha,,,~ Claudio N<au cover some 80,000 miles and play 110 concerts in three continents is a normal one. With a twinkle in his eye, he says that he does it " by eating plenty of steak and more fresh fruit than any man outside a jungle!" Born in a small Chilean village 50 years ago, Arrau gave his first recital at the age of five. After his official debut two years later, the Chilean government was so impressed that they sent him and his whole family to study with Martin Krause in Germany. Claudio Arrau's technique and scope are really fabulous. In Germany he has played all the keyboard works of Bach in a series of twelve recitals; he has also given a series of recitals covering the complete piano works of Mozart, Schubert and Weber, and the 32 sonatas of Beethoven; in addition, he is equally at home with Debussy, Ravel, Stravinsky and Bart6k. Thus i t is hardly to be wondered at that he has achieved fame throughout five continents, yet he is the only pianist in history to have done this before the age of fifty .


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CHOPIN Complete works for Piano (Vol. J)

BALLADES: No. I in G minor, Opus 23; NO.2 in F major, Opus 38; NO.3 in A flat major, Opus 47; IMPROMPTU: NO.4 in C sharp minor, Opus 66; SCHERZI: No. I in B minor, Opus 20; No. 2 in B flat minor, Opus 31

AXTL 1043

SCHERZI: NO.3 in C sharp minor, Opus 39; NO. 4 in E major, Opus 54; BARCAROLLE: in F sharp major, Opus 60; BALLADE: NO.4 in F minor Opus 52 IMPROMPTUS: NO.1 in A flat major, Opus 29; NO.2 in F sharp major, Opus 36;

NO.3 in G flat major, Opus 5 I AXTL 1044


Variations and fugue in E flat major, Opus 35-"Eroica" (I side); Variations on a waltz by Diabelli, Opus 120 (3 sides) AXTL 1024-5


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