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whichever way you look at it

Large stock; efficient service; helpful staff; pleasant atmosphere; what qualities do you look for in a record shop? Customers out of town and others in all parts of the world value our record postal service. Visitors from abroad come to us to arrange their personal export. Many people come because they find the self-service Melody Bar so convenient; others because they know from experience that we will have the record they want. It's not just an advertising gag when we say that looked at from any angle Imhofs are best for records.


Call in and have a look at our slwp in New Oxford Street, nextdoor-but-one to Tottenham Court Road Tube Station. The Melody Bar is in the basement, the audition rooms on the mezzanine floor. Come and browse around at your leisure, you'l! be very welcome .

Alfred Imhof Limited, 112-116 New Oxford Street , Lonc!on, w.e.1. Telephone: Mu,eum 7878 (20 lines)