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The gift of music and things Inusica l were never more welcome than they are to-day as we approach the fifth Christmas of the war . And although Imhof's will look less "Christmas-y" this year , the spirit is there, as strong as i t ever was. To those of you who are thinking of saying i t with RECORDS , we cannot urge "'you too strongly to come in or post your order as early as possible . Records are still rationed and our quota goes Quickly. A subscription to " This Month of Music," recently described by a reader as " his monthly sunshine," makes a very happy gift, especially to gramophiIes in the Forces, as you would readily appreciate if you could read the nice things they say about i t in their letters to us. I t is sent, accompanied by all the supplements, for 3s . 6d . a year, post free (Overseas 7s. 6d.) . Then, of course, there are 11\1 Long-playing Needle-s. They are really a d o uble-gift to you r friends and your records for your friends then get all the music and nothing but the music, and their records the gift of perpetual youth. Ten IM IS in their " Top-hat" cost but 2 - (Tax 1/4) and are sufficient to play (with re-pointing) upwards of 1.000 recordings .


(Retail) £lIDb /i , he d 1845

112-116, New Oxford Street.

London, W. C. 1 T. I. ph or.• : MUS 5944