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Editor’s Note By nature, I am an ideas person. I am always thinking about the possibility of things. I find it to be one of the most cathartic moments of any day, when I can let my mind drift and not be interrupted by the “what if” scenarios. Ideas are brilliant. The people that have them invent, create and inspire. I cannot imagine life without imagination. The most exciting part of ideas is where they lead. As children, we often dream or pretend, but as adults everything becomes more ridged. Yes, I know, we have mortgages and bills to worry about, but in the midst of this we often miss so many things. I think it’s imperative to be acutely aware of the beauty of chance and the wonder of possibility. This issue of Aesthetica Magazine is a tribute to ideas and possibilities. Inside these pages you will find new creative writing, arts news, articles and features from across the UK. It’s been a very exciting issue to put together and I know that you will find it a great resource. Over the past few months there have been some major changes at the Aesthetica HQ, the magazine is now full colour and offers a new, fresh design. With each issue the magazine’s content is developing, as I aim to give a true representation of the arts in Britain. It’s never been a better time to get involved. We’re even offering some fantastic deals on subscriptions. I hope that you enjoy this issue. Please get in touch with your ideas and suggestions. Until next time...

Cherie Federico Editor

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Features Tony Harrison


Patience Agbabi


Sujit Saraf


Xiaolu Guo

Is Britain Great?



Reza Aramesh


Thin Cities


Scotland’s Rising Star


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