Our fund managers’ most useful tool No. 9: A shared cup of tea

Over the past year, we personally interviewed the management of over 1,500 companies throughout Asia.

Aberdeen’s Asian Investment Trusts Stocks and Shares ISA and Share Plan There’s nothing like being able to judge for yourself. For us, we won’t add a company to our portfolios without first holding a personal interview with its management and even when we do invest, we aim to revisit our investments once a year. We manage seven investment companies investing in Asia that are available through an ISA or Share Plan: • Aberdeen All Asia Investment Trust • Aberdeen Asian Income Fund • Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies Investment Trust • Aberdeen New Dawn Investment Trust • Aberdeen New Thai Investment Trust • Edinburgh Dragon Trust • New India Investment Trust You can invest in these trusts from £100 per month or £1,000 lump sum. We offer daily dealings for lump sum investments.

Do remember that the value of shares and the income from them can go down as well as up. You may not get back the amount invested. No recommendation is made, positive or otherwise, regarding the ISA and Share Plan. The value of tax benefits depends on individual circumstances and the favourable tax treatment for ISAs may not be maintained. If you have any doubts about the suitability of any investment for your needs, please consult an independent financial adviser. Request a brochure: 0500 00 40 00 www.invtrusts.co.uk

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