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INDULGE textiles to buy, collect or simply admire

14 Wonderland Cool yet cosy Swedish gifts 41 Northern stars Where good design comes naturally 58 Sitting in judgement Why discerning consumers should pay more for less 84 Selvedge objects Indulge in material things

INDUSTRY from craft to commerce

23 Print run Skating the surface of Scandinavian textile design 44 Cross purpose Fashion and interiors: Pia Wallén travels in all directions 50 Team work By setting designers free Kvadrat keep their designs fresh 62 Threads of time The Almgren mill has awoken after a period of neglect 66 MMF Swedish dream weavers

ANECDOTE textiles that touch our lives

38 Let it shine Only Åsa Wettre saw old Swedish quilts in a new light 68 Nomad Marit Allens Journey through the film industry

CONCEPT textiles in fine art

74 Repeat perscription Louise Bourgeois has self-medicated throughout her career

ATTIRE critical reporting of fashion trends

18 Silly season Opt for designers with sense and sensitivity 46 Fast learner Sandra Backlund is earning her right to break with the past

COHABIT stunning interiors beautifully photographed

52 Family record Karin and the Larsson legend

GLOBAL travel destinations and ethnographic textiles

30 Destination Stockholm A Selvedge designed walking tour of this diverse city 35 Step back The slow pace of change in Sorunda

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04 bias / contributors 09 news Trends and essential ideas 79 quintessence Bess Nielson 88 read Silk Kyrgyzstan Reading List 86 international listings Exhibitions, fairs and events 90 view Quilt Art 22 - Under Construction Centenary Exhibition of works by Edrica Huws Making Changes: Contemporary Craft in Northern Ireland 93 coming next The Responsilbility Issue: Selvedge comes of age 95 source 80 subscription offers A pair of hand-dipped Toast dinner candles for every new subscriber and renewal