April 2012

This month 6 If I ruled the world martha lane fox 8 Recommends 10 Diary 12 Letters

Opinions 14 Un président socialiste?

n interview with François Hollande. james macintyre 15 Putin’s last stand tolen victory. marina litvinenko 16 The knock at the door fear the police. peter hitchens 18 Is democracy this hard?

reland’s referendum. colm o’regan 18 The Finnish line et Greece go? mari kiviniemi plus stephen collins’s cartoon strip. 19 Shut Holloway

Britain’s failing prisons. john podmore 20 China diary mark kitto

Politics 22 Rwanda’s “evil twin”

earning from Burundi. will paxton 24 Class of 2012

merican inequality. diane roberts

Life 66 Love’s lustre’s lost he awkward marriage of love and sex. hephzibah anderson 68 Sporting life

Baseball’s dramas. david goldblatt 69 Wine barry smith 70 Leith on life sam leith 72 Investment ashing in on innovation. andy davis

Features 26 Iran can be stopped

Dissuading Iran from the nuclear option. mark fitzpatrick Let’s not bomb Iran peter kellner 34 The best job in politics?

Here come the mayors james macintyre, plus vernon bogdanor, edward glaeser 42 Model Britain dventures in London Fashion Week. edward docx 48 Manufacturing growth egenerating Britain: report. james elwes 52 Provocateur in heels hina’s subversive film star. dan levin 56 The creator lan Turing: father of the digital world. ray monk Special report: Energy after a year of turmoil 61 Surprise: the oil price isn’t higher dieter helm 64 Nuclear non-reaction fter Fukushima. malcolm grimston

Science & technology 74 Received wisdom he fall in IQs. philip hunter 75 Fear of the unseen hones don’t fry your brain. philip ball 76 The month ahead. anjana ahuja

Arts & books 78 Blood, sweat and tears ugene O’Neill’s personal tragedy. michael coveney 82 Last hope for the left iberals are too WEIRD. david goodhart 84 Bionic ragtime

Machine music. louise levene 85 Titanic blunder he biggest film of the 1990s, now in 3D. meghan daum 86 The month in books hermione eyre

Fiction 88 Box story tetsuya akikawa

Endgames 94 The generalist didymus 94 Enigmas & puzzles ian stewart 95 The Prospect list 96 The way we were he Olympics. ian irvine april 2012 · prospect · 5