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FRONT COVER PHOTO Harland family in their raised bed vegetable garden Photo: Christine Seaward Back Cover Photo Credit: Ximagination / Shutterstock


3 POWERDOWN & PERMACULTURE Rob Hopkins asks how permaculture can influence the mainstream and introduces Transition Town Totnes.

7 WAR GARDENING How living history is teaching kids to grow food in Essex by Graham Burnett .

9 PM BUSINESS Maddy Harland , tells the story of Permanent Publications and the permaculture design thinking behind the company.

16 RAISED VEGETABLE GARDENING How to design and make productive raised beds by Patrick Whitefield .

19 SOMETHING FOR NOTHING Introducing Freecycle, the free community exchange system that really works.

21 10 STRATEGIES FOR AVOIDING BURN OUT Working hard and feeling the pace? How to stay healthy and effective with Dr Chris Johnstone .

23 TRANSITION CULTURE Fritjof Capra speaks to Rob Hopkins about learning how to live in an uncertain future.

27 EDUCATION IN THE JUNGLE Jennifer Gray visits a Krishnamurti school in Tamil Nadu and explores its green credentials.

31 PERMACULTURE PEOPLE Introducing Dr Jimmy Altham , permaculturist and former university lecturer in philosophy.

36 A FEW ACRES IN THE COUNTRY Chris Smaje describes how his family cleverly integrated the advantages of town and country.

41 THE MAGICAL SOILS OF EL DORADO The story of Terra Preta, the highly fertile selfsustaining ‘black earth’ of the Amazon.

45 FAR FROM WOOLLY THINKING How one PM article has launched a new social enterprise in rural Somerset.

47 EXTREME SALADS One man’s quest to grow as many edible salad plants as he can near the Arctic Circle in Norway.

49 GROWING POSITIVE YOUNG ADULTS Sami Grover reports on a permaculture project that is changing young lives in down town Durham, North Carolina.

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