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From our Egypt Correspondent

Ayman Wahby Taher with the latest news from Egypt and details of a new museum at Saqqara.


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Friends of Nekhen News


Renée Friedman looks at the presence of Nubians in the city at Hierakonpolis, and their lives there, as revealed in the finds from their tombs.


The New Tomb in the Valley of the Kings

The fourth update on the recent discovery and the final clearance of the small chamber.


ANOTHER new tomb in the Valley of the Kings?

Nicholas Reeves reveals the latest news on the possibility of another tomb in the Royal Valley.


Royal Mummies on view in the Egyptian Museum

A brief report on the opening of the second mummy room in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

The Ancient Stones Speak


Pam Scott, in the first of three major articles, gives a practical guide to enable AE readers to read and understand the ancient texts written on temple and tomb walls, statues and stelae.

The Rekhyt Bird


Kenneth Griffin explains how the many representations of the lapwing are much more than a simple image of a bird; they have a more significant meaning.


Per Mesut: for younger readers

In this edition, Hilary Wilson looks at pomegranates.


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ANCIENT EGYPT October/November 2006