THE WEEK Leading article 5 Diary Barry Humphries 9 Politics Matthew d’Ancona 10 The Spectator’s Notes 11 Diary of a Notting Hill Nobody 13 The Blairs 15 Mind your language 18 Medicine and letters 24 Letters 26 Shared opinion Frank Johnson 28 And another thing Paul Johnson 30


Keeping the oil flowing Rupert Steiner talks to Lord Browne 32 Investment Matthew Vincent 33 Jumping on the low-fat bandwagon Simon Nixon 34 City life James Kynge 35


Bevis Hillier:12 Books that Changed the World, by Melvyn Bragg 36

Douglas Hurd:1956, by Peter Unwin 38

Allan Mallinson:Cobra II, by Michael Gordon 40

Eric Anderson:Wicked!, by Jilly Cooper 42

Sebastian Smee:Black Swan Green, by David Mitchell 43

Judith Flanders:Visiting Picasso, by Elizabeth Cowling 44

Alexander Waughon the Gospel of Judas 44

Richard Ollard:The Letters of Samuel Pepys, edited by Guy de la Bedoyère 45

Lesley Quayle:‘Flying’, apoem 45

Change inevitably upsets people Fraser Nelson David Cameron’s first full interview since the local elections 14

We need boring government Geoff Mulgan The future lies in cool rhetoric and strong accountability 16

Brown does not understand gold Allister Heath The Chinese continue to exploit the rise in the metal’s price 18

Where have all the UFOs gone? Rod Liddle The demise of a great conspiracy theory 20

‘It seemed to me that Tony was suffering’ Tim Walker Sir Cliff Richard on houses and house-guests 22

New in this week’s issue

This week, The Spectator is introducing two new features —a business section and a style and travel section titled ‘You’ve earned it’. In addition to all the magazine’s usual features, columnists, arts and books reviews, we are now offering weekly insights into the financial world and wry observation of life’s luxuries great and small. The additional sections will have the wit and probing style that are the magazine’s hallmark, providing inside-track advice, information and City gossip. Today’s business pages lead with an exclusive interview with Britain’s most revered businessman, BP chief executive Lord Browne, while ‘You’ve earned it’ boasts articles by William Boyd and Frances Osborne. I hope you enjoy these developments in the evolution of The Spectator . Please let me know what you think.

Matthew d’Ancona,

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ARTS Stephen Pettitt on Finnish music’s complicated relationship with Sibelius 46 Exhibitions:Albers and Moholy-Nagy: From the Bauhaus to the New World Andrew Lambirth 47 Gardens Ursula Buchan 48

Theatre 1: Othello; Hamlet Patrick Carnegy 48 Theatre 2: Donkeys’ Years; Footloose; Crooked Toby Young 50 Opera:Don Giovanni Michael Tanner 52 Pop Marcus Berkmann 53 Cinema:Brick Olivia Glazebrook 53 Radio Michael Vestey 54 Television James Delingpole 55

LIFE Motoring AlanJudd

High life Taki

Low life Jeremy Clarke

Bridge Susanna Gross





YOU’VE EARNED IT Farmers’ markets Frances Osborne 59

Dare to wear white Oscar Humphries

Buenos Aires William Boyd

Restaurant Deborah Ross

Chess; Competition; Crossword

Sport Frank Keating






Your problems solved Mary Killen 71

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