Accident and Emergency Radiology Interpretation of plain films

Accident and Emergency Radiology Interpretation of plain films

Chris Harvey Steve Allen Declan O’Regan

By Chris Harvey, Steve Allen and Declan O’Regan

ISBN: 978-1-85642-315-1; publication 2009; £19.99

The purpose of this book is to show how a systematic analysis of accident and emergency radiographs allows the correct diagnosis to be derived while minimising errors. Aimed at accident and emergency doctors, surgical, medical and radiology specialist registrars and medical students, this lavishly illustrated pocket sized book facilitates instant consultation when faced with an X-ray. At the start of each chapter there is a description of the relevant anatomy followed by a quick and easy yet detailed systematic approach to all types of X-rays likely to be encountered in the accident and emergency department. The book also contains easy to follow line diagrams as well as fully annotated illustrative examples and is divided into concise chapters covering a particular region or problem. In addition to providing a systematic approach to the interpretation of the X-ray, tables provide instant access to lists and there are useful tips and hints in avoiding mistakes.

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