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25 and counting…

It’s been a humbling experience putting together this special 25th anniversary issue of Songlines. Humbling, because of the realisation of not being alone. As someone who has spent a large chunk of their life researching obscure Colombian bandleaders from the 1950s, even more obscure Uruguayan guitarists from the 1960s, and countless small labels and local musicians everywhere from São Paulo to the heights of the Peruvian Andes, and f inding very few people who share those precise interests, it’s wonderful to f ind that I’m part of a community.

The idea behind the feature to celebrate our anniversary was simple: to f ind 25 stories, one from every year of Songlines’ life. The hard part was choosing which stories to focus on. Over the past months I’ve been speaking to contributors and digging through our archives to f ind stories that needed retelling. I hope you agree that it’s a good selection. I certainly feel like it’s a great advert for what Songlines does. Ultimately, we’re a magazine about music and people, regardless of geography, race, gender, class or any other broad description you may want to throw at someone.

In total, 47 writers contributed to this issue, and putting it together I realised how passionate they all are about music and people, and how lucky I am to get to work with them all. To our contributors therefore I would like to say a huge thank you for all

your efforts, in this issue, and prior, a thought I’m sure former editors of the magazine concur with. Thanks also to all the photographers, artists, record labels, PRs and the production team at Songlines for their continued support. We couldn’t do it without you! Also, special thanks this issue to René Goiffon whose photo of the Tartit Ensemble from 2003’s Festival au Desert in Mali adorns the cover. “The most amazing festival I ever attended,” René recalls.

One of the things that struck me while reading our ‘25 Years of Songlines’ feature (pages 28-47) was the generational nature of music, how each new generation has their own take on traditions, and how it’s always a balance between paying respect and creating something new. It’s there with Ondatrópica, Warsaw Village Band, Gaye Su Akyol, Bellowhead, the Garifuna Collective, Abel Selaocoe and classical music’s new class, and now with the many Irish artists who became a f ixture of this magazine in 2023. It will continue no doubt, and we will continue trying to capture the magic when it does.

Russ Slater Johnson, Editor P.S. We have important news relating to our covermount CD, see page 10 to get the lowdown.


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Jo Frost

Former Songlines editor, Jo is now enjoying life as a freelance journalist. This issue she

grooves to the olllam (p20), checks out a new Sam Lee doc (p11) and harks back to Bellowhead (p36) and Spell Songs (p43)

Martin Longley Marty started writing for Songlines in 2001,

and also pens for sister journal Jazzwise. He’s normally on the road, which is the case

this issue where he offers a dispatch from

Belgrade’s noisy innards (p87)

Fiona Talkington A BBC radio presenter, including 20 years with the award-winning Late Junction, Fiona is also a curator who works extensively with Nordic music. She revisits Kimmo Pohjonen’s unique charge on p37

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