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In this issue Issue Winter

Compass Editorial Reports of the death of printed media are not so much as exaggerated as plain wrong—at least as far as carpet and textile books are concerned

Dialogue ‘China’s Southern Paradise: Treasures from the Lower Yangzi Delta’ at The Cleveland Museum of Art; ‘Africa in Focus’ at The Met; ‘Choice and Precious Work: Treasures from the Schoolroom’ at Witney Antiques; HALI Tours return in 2024; Tom Hickman at Robert Young Antiques; new gallery in Berlin

Diary HALI’s recommendations for the quarter

Calendar The listings page for carpet- and textile- related auctions, exhibitions and events

Thread of time Rachel Meek The translation, industrialisation and ownership of rug and textile patterns

Travellers’ tales Malin L onnberg A conference and the opening of a new carpet- weaving centre in Bukhara

P r o fi l e Luc y Upward ‘CulturalxCollabs. Weaving The Future’ sees antique and contemporary rug making unite

Comment Jean Hoffman Are webinars the lynchpin of future communication for r ug enthu si a st s?

Anatomy of an object Joan Hart A Kashmir shawl that once belonged to Queen Victoria perfectly unites the Victorian love of pattern and colour with the Kashmir master weavers’ eye for detail

Common thread A selection of books containing, or concerning, textiles, their use, circulation and creation

Features Beneath the covers Rosemar y Cr ill Cloth used in the bindings of Armenian and Ethiopian manuscripts from the 14th–20th centuries

By the book Eight specialists discuss a ‘book’ that they consider to be exceptional

Close encounters Victoria Finlay A sample book from 1787 contains precious barkcloth variations recording vanished cultures

The most important and flawed carpet book you’ve probably never read Steven Cohen On the fascinating, frustrating and fabulous 1905 book, T. H. Hendley’s Asian Carpets

The story of a book Ariane Fennetau x and John St yle s An 18th-century volume of cloth samples tells of rivalry, espionage and fierce ambition