08 Wild Times

Catch up with all the latest developments and discoveries making the headlines

30 How to see migrating

monarch butterflies These winged beauties cover the length of North America in an incredible annual journey

34 Hidden World

Meet the male rove beetle whose survival strategy involves impersonating the opposite sex

38 Wanted

This flourishing invasive species is making friends, as well as enemies, in urban areas across Germany and beyond

46 When evolution

goes awry A look at evolutionary failures that have left some species with idiosyncratic physical or behavioural traits

50 Seeking the world’s

most dangerous bird On the fringes of Queensland’s tropical rainforest this large, charismatic flightless bird plays hide and seek

60 Monk seals in the Med

A trio of Italian photographers capture rare images of these threatened marine mammals

70 A light touch

Less is more when it comes to photographing wildlife at night or in low light


...learning how hummingbirds fly through tiny gaps to get to their food-plants for nectar Page 22

Everybody’s heard about the bird... 50


Get up close to seahorses, p80

76 Q&A

Do snakes eat each other, and what is an echinoderm?

80 Species guide

All you ever wanted to know about seahorses

83 Crossword

Plus Spot the Difference

84 Photo Club

Including Snap Chat

88 Your Letters

Join the debate

90 10 animals that mate

for life From black vultures to whitehanded gibbons, our pick of faithful species

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