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diary Frances Wilson history Pratinav Anil

Dethroned: The Downfall of India’s Princely States John Zubrzycki Sarah Dunant

Earthly Delights: A History of the Renaissance Jonathan Jones Andrew Roberts

The Letters, Writings and Speeches of Oliver Cromwell John Morrill (ed) Eamon Duffy

Losing a Kingdom, Gaining the World: The Catholic Church in the Age of Revolution and Democracy Ambrogio A Caiani Nicholas Stargardt

Bystander Society: Conformity and Complicity in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust Mary Fulbrook Bernard Porter

Trapped in Histor y: Kenya, Mau Mau and Me Nicholas Rankin writers Rowan Williams

On Czesław Miłosz: Visions f rom the Other Europe Eva Hoffman Joanna Kavenna

Selected Nonfiction, 1962–2007 J G Ballard Jeremy Noel-Tod

The Penguin Book of Elegy Andrew Motion & Stephen Regan (edd) Sarah Watling

The Girl Prince: Virginia Woolf, Race and the Dreadnought Hoax Danell Jones

notebook Joseph Hone Tale of a Book Forger mind & body Wendy Moore

Eve: How the Female Body Drove 200 Million Years of Human Evolution Cat Bohannon Claudia FitzHerbert

Twinkind: The Singular Significance of Twins William Viney Phil Baker

Ten Trips: The New Reality of Psychedelics Andy Mitchell earth & beyond Andrew Crumey

A City on Mars: Can We Settle Space, Should We Settle Space, and Have We Really Thought This Through? Kelly and Zach Weinersmith John Gribbin

Mountains of Fire: The Secret Lives of Volcanoes Clive Oppenheimer yorkshire journal Richard Smyth architecture Will Wiles

Humanise: A Maker’s Guide to Building Our World Thomas Heatherwick William Whyte

Architecture in Britain and Ireland, 1530–1830 Steven Brindle Joel Kotkin

Property: The Myth That Built the World Rowan Moore Stephanie Barczewski

Hidden Patrons: Women and Architectural Patronage in Georgian Britain Amy Boyington rock & pop David Keenan

Lou Reed: The King of New York Will Hermes Wesley Stace

George Harrison: The Reluctant Beatle Philip Norman Norma Clarke

Pauline Boty: British Pop Art ’s Sole Sister Marc Kristal

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