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Elissa Phillips & Anahita Babaei, Anna Biller, Marius Hobbhahn, Jonny Banger, Florence Schechter Philosopher-at-large:

Defining democracy— and defending it Sasha Mudd The joy of lex: Hallucinations

Sarah Ogilvie plus Stephen Collins’s cartoon € Letters plus In fact A carnival of Covid

incompetence Sam Freedman † Diary

Serhii Plokhy ‡ When the internet

becomes unknowable Ethan Zuckerman † Lives † Crossword & Bobby Seagull’s

Brain Teaser †† Brief encounter

Philippa Gregory

† st-century bard

Marking the th anniversary of the First Folio Rhodri Lewis My first folio

One of history’s most famous books—in the flesh Emily Lawford The actor’s text

Performers and producers owe a debt to the Folio Kate Maltby Sir Galahad’s honour

The truth about a tragic episode in the Falklands War Michael Rose ’ A way with words

How George Weidenfeld built a publishing empire Lucy Scholes € Books in brief €‡ Film: The greatness of

Powell and Pressburger Peter Hoskin € Classical: European union

Ian Bostridge €€ Pop: Hail to the queen

Laura Barton ۠ TV: Here are the victims

Imogen West-Knights

Cover photograph by Sara Morris, post-production by the Retouching Shed

→ Nicola Cutcher

on how the culture wars hit our national parks → Andrew Clapham

Israel, Gaza and the laws of war, in association with Matrix Chambers → Andrew Bailey

on the shocks to come for the Bank of England At or

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