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32 COVER FEATURE The rise of the renegade rewilders

As the tide of species extinctions grows, a movement of guerrilla rewilders is responding to government inaction by secretly breeding lost species for release into wild spaces across Britain. From storks to beavers and butterf ies, these illegal introductions are forcing a debate that goes all the way to parliament



Sewing up our futures 44A f xing factory run by refugees is helping Amsterdam to go circular

Speak your mind 48TheFinnish approach to psychosis set to revolutionise UK mental healthcare

The whole model of psychiatry

could be f l i pped

on its head






The activists that sparked Norway’s EV revolution 54How an unlikely, star-studded trio forced the government into action

The race to save Britain’s rarest native tree 56Bringing back the ‘ballerina poplar’ that was once found across the UK

Catching the bug 60The Devon-based insect farm shaking up the dog food sector

Use your bean 68The tiny but mighty solution that could trigger a cascade of decarbonisation

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Positive News turns 30 82Celebrating three decades of trailblazing publishing