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George Benjamin, Lada Nuzhna, Ellen Clifford, Michael Plant, Mama Shamsa Philosopher-at-large:

Rethinking the generation war Sasha Mudd Diary

Francis Wheen How we’ve enshittified the

tech economy Ethan Zuckerman € The government that

stopped governing Sam Freedman The joy of lex: Z

Sarah Ogilvie plus Stephen Collins’s cartoon Letters plus In fact ‰€ Lives € Crossword & Bobby Seagull’s

Brain Teaser €€ Brief encounter

Rory Stewart

Thinking man

A conversation with the philosopher Daniel Dennett Julian Baggini Flower power

Some people will go to great lengths for orchids Cal Flyn Our permeable selves

Essays by a writer who is literally and figuratively thin-skinned Marina Benjamin Here is the challenge

John Gray raises questions that liberals must seek to answer Matthew d’Ancona ‰ Books in brief ‰‘ TV: Sex lives of the young and

middle-aged Imogen West-Knights ‰ Stage: Women in the universe

Kate Maltby ‰ Film: The last sights

Sukhdev Sandhu ‰ Classical: The glory of Goethe

Ian Bostridge ‰ Pop: National treasure

Laura Barton

Cover photograph by Sara Morris, post-production by the Retouching Shed

→ Elena Gordon

explains how her son, Vladimir Kara-Murza, became Putin’s prisoner → Matthew d’Ancona

calls for a radical new centrism → Barry Eichengreen

asks whether the end of globalisation is near A t or

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