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28 How to see

ospreys fishing August can be a quiet month for birdwatchers, so why not seek out these summer visitors?

32 Hidden Britain

The ‘translucent pasty’ that is otherwise known as the Portugese man o’ war

36 On the trail of

India’s grumpy cat The story of how a Pallas’s cat family found refuge in a remote Himalayan house

46 Portfolio: Australia’s

shearwaters Striking photos reveal the effects of plastic debris on flesh-footed shearwaters

54 Walking with the

world’s biggest dinosaur Features editor Sarah McPherson takes a trip to the Natural History Museum

60 Restoring

farmland ponds New initiatives are bringing so-called ‘ghost ponds’ back to life in Britain

68 Spring clean

Work is underway to save manatees by restoring the waters and seagrass of Kings Bay in Florida


...new research uncovering the downside to de-horning black rhinos in South Africa Page 22


Learn about Australia’s flesh-footed shearwaters


Chris Packham presents a new BBC series, p88

78 Q&A

What’s the difference between a swift and a swallow?

88 Go Wild

The four and a half billion year history of the world is explored in BBC Two’s new series called Earth

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Plus Spot the Difference

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This month’s competition

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Join the debate

98 Tales from the Bush

Releasing turtle hatchlings into the Indian Ocean

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