The Wire 471 May 2023



47 Reviews Index 48 Soundcheck New vinyl, CDs, downloads

and streams, plus reissues and specialist columns, including: 49 Jason Moran (Not) Over Europe.

By David Grundy 55 Alex Paxton/galen tipton Joy division.

By Julian Cowley 70 Quartz/Mirliton Cassettes Back to the old spool(s).

By Peter Margasak 74 Print Run New music books,

including: 75 Easily Slip Into Another

World: A Life In Music Henry Threadgill opens

an insightful window on Chicago’s avant jazz scene. By Andy Hamilton 79 On Screen New films and DVDs 80 On Location Recent live events and

streams, including: 81 Women From Space Canadian festival addresses

urgent political issues. By Xenia Benivolski 86 On Site Recent art shows, including: 87 Massimo Bartolini The Italian artist fuses

sound, sculpture and scaffolding. By Ramona Ponzini

8 Unlimited Editions WV Sorcerer Productions 8 Unofficial Channels Doom & Gloom From The


10 Dwight Trible US jazz vocalist aims low.

By Brian Morton 12 Alison Cotton Folk for freedom.

By Abi Bliss 14 PoiL Ueda Chants are a fine thing for

the French-Japanese prog ensemble. By JR Moores 16 Global Ear:

Ho Chi Minh City Wild weekends in

Vietnam’s largest city. By Mike Steyels 18 The Inner Sleeve Karl O’Connor aka Regis

on The Wolfgang Press’s Bird Wood Cage 106 Epiphanies

Verity Susman finds childhood solidarity with Woodcraft Folk’s antiapartheid protest songs

4 Masthead 6 Letters 46 Charts The Office Ambience

and other playlists 98 Out There Festivals and gig listings 104 Subscribe Print, digital, downloads

and CDs

20 Invisible Jukebox Laura Ortman The White Mountain Apache violinist passes The Wire’s mystery record test. Tested by Laina Dawes

24 Luciano Maggiore Everyday life provides inspiration for the Italian performance artist. By Edward Henderson

26 Paul Dunmall Former hippy and ardent woodworker Paul Dunmall is the wildcard of UK free music. By Clive Bell

32 Once Upon a Time

in San Diego

At the dawn of the 1990s, an underdog punk scene stirred in southern California. By Tony Rettman

40 Dave Lombardo The former Slayer drummer and frequent collaborator unveils his solo drumming debut. By Phil Freeman

Cover photography by Sam Hutchinson