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Joshi Herrmann, Sarah Baxter, Ian Livingstone, Ruth Miller, Mina Guli The joy of lex: Cuck

Sarah Ogilvie plus Stephen Collins’s cartoon Philosopher-at-large:

Banning billionaires Julian Baggini Diary

Sevgil Musaieva Starmer’s Sunak problem

Sam Freedman You can’t hide

from the tech giants Ethan Zuckerman ƒ Letters plus In fact Lives Crossword & Bobby Seagull’s

Brain Teaser Brief encounter

Ian Bostridge



Back in the GDR

East Germany is being reclaimed from the blurry past Peter Hoskin Double lives examined

George Eliot’s love life as a topic for philosophical inquiry Marina Benjamin The collaborators

Is creation done by individuals or people working together? Ethan Zuckerman Bridging the gap

The jazz biographies that help us understand today’s culture Philip Clark ‹ Books in brief ‹ Classical: Acts of vandalism

Jessica Duchen ‹ TV: Doomed youth

Imogen West-Knights ‹‹ Stage: Medea and motives

Kate Maltby ‹ Film: The anti-Loach

Sukhdev Sandhu

→ Matthew Desmond & Tom

Clark on how we all profit from poverty → Quinn Slobodian on crack-up

capitalism → David Normington &

May Bulman on how to solve the immigration crisis At or

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