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“The best Metallica album of the century.” That’s what TG contributor Jenna Scaramanga excitedly announced of the band’s latest release 72 Seasons following her VIP listening session in London in February. Of course, Metallica have a distinct sound thanks to an arsenal of recurring techniques and harmonic approaches that feature throughout their music. But, despite the existence of a definite Metallica recipe, the band’s mixing bowl of creativity is still being stirred, if you see what I mean. Now into their fifth decade, Metallica are not resting on their laurels.

In this month’s exclusive interview, lead guitarist Kirk Hammett tells TG of the incredible energy the band felt upon reuniting after the Covid-19 lockdowns. He also speaks about the rhythmic improvisation at the heart of his solos on 72 Seasons, and how that spontaneity feeds into Metallica’s live shows.

We also speak to bassist Robert Trujillo. Together he and Kirk take us on a deep dive through the new album, track by track, revealing the inspiration and musical approaches behind each song. And producer Greg Fidelman outlines the recording process, the gear used and how the band set about capturing a live feel.

It feels like a great time to be a Metallica fan, and this issue is a big celebration of a band we all love here at TG. If, like us, you’re feeling inspired to plug in and play, make sure to follow our Metallica technique tutorial on p68 and take a look at our riff lessons on three of the band’s greatest songs, too.

As ever, I really hope you enjoy the magazine. It’s been a blast putting it together! See you next time.

Chris Bird Editor

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