 Sunder Katwala

Values, Voice and Virtue: e New British Politics Matthew Goodwin

 Christopher Snowdon

Crack-Up Capitalism: Market Radicals and the Dream of a World Without Democracy Quinn Slobodian

literary lives

 Peter Davidson

Rev James Fraser, 1634–1709: A New Perspective on the Scottish Highlands before Culloden David Worthington

  •  Sean O’Brien

NB by JC: A Walk rough the Times Literary Supplement James Campbell

 Malachi O’Doherty

e Strangers’ House: Writing Northern Ireland Alexander Poots


  •  Jane O’Grady

Part: A Philosopher and His Mission to Save Morality David Edmonds

 Alexander Raubo

How to ink Like a Philosopher: Essential Principles for Clearer inking Julian Baggini

 Carlos Fraenkel

Living for Pleasure: An Epicurean Guide to Life Emily A Austin

letter from the engadin

  •  Iain Bamforth Nietzsche in Sils Maria

consumer habits

  •  Rob Doyle

Porn: An Oral History Polly Barton

 Tess Little

Look at the Lights, My Love Annie Ernaux

 Dan Saladino

Ravenous: How to Get Ourselves and Our Planet Into Shape Henry Dimbleby with Jemima Lewis • Ultra-Processed People Chris van Tulleken

 Christopher Hart

Stuck Monkey: e Deadly Planetary Cost of the ings We Love James Hamilton-Paterson


 Diane Purkiss

Woman’s Lore: 4,000 Years of Sirens, Serpents and Succubi Sarah Clegg

 Philipp Blom

Pirate Enlightenment, or the Real Libertalia David Graeber

 D J Taylor

About England David Matless • e Full English: A Journey in Search of a Country and Its People Stuart Maconie

 Charles Foster

e Long View: Why We Need to Transform How the World Sees Time Richard Fisher

 Will Wiles

Architect, Verb: e New Language of Building Reinier de Graaf

  •  Emma Park

What the Greeks Did for Us Tony Spawforth


 Benjamin Hutchinson

Brenner Hermann Burger

 Kate McLoughlin

  • Enter Ghost Isabella Hammad

 Michael Delgado

Shy Max Porter

 James Purdon Biography of X Catherine Lacey

  •  Suzi Feay

Looking Glass Sound Catriona Ward

 Jake Kerridge

Romantic Comedy Curtis Sittenfeld

 Alice Jolly

I, Julian Claire Gilbert

fiction in brief

  •  Close to Home Michael Magee • e Short End of the Sonnenallee omas Brussig • Forbidden Notebook Alba de Céspedes


 Natasha Cooper

silenced voices

 Lucy Popescu Afghan Journalists


  •  Tim Brinkhof e Dawn of Parchment
  •  LR Bookshop

 Letters

 Crossword