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COVER STORY Cybersecurity: The Future of Passwords and Passwordless Interview with Michael Crandell, the Chief Executive Officer at Bitwarden STRATEGY What Makes a Business a Masterpiece? Peter Lorange FUTURE SERIES Future Ready Transformations Pay Off but Often Stall Peter Weill, Stephanie L. Woerner and Ina M. Sebastian TECHNOLOGY A Brief Primer to Quantum Computing and Sensing Terence Tse, Mark Esposito, Tahereh Saheb INNOVATION Accelerating Europe’s Path to Reinvention Jean-Marc Ollagnier, Svenja Falk, Laura Wright CHATGPT ChatGPT: Ushering in the Age of Creativity Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and Elias Blinkoff Chatpocalypse Now: With ChatGPT the question is not, “Is this technology ready for Us?” but, “Are We Ready for it?” Christopher Surdak, JD Disrupting Higher Education – ChatGPT and Generative AI Nancy W. Gleason INNOVATION AI in Finland: From Relatable Stories Towards AI Ecosystems Anna Lahtinen and Heikki Kallasvaara INVESTMENT Malta Invites Non-EU Entrepreneurs to Start Up in Malta Malta Startup Residence Programme










START-UP David vs Goliath… or a Story of How Start-Ups can Choose a Winning Strategy Fernanda Arreola and Pierre Daems INNOVATION The Future of Creativity in the Age of Generative AI Oguz A. Acar TECHNOLOGY The Rise of the Intelligent Enterprise Jacques Bughin, Philippe Roussière, and Praveen Tanguturi WORKPLACE Authenticity at Work: be Honest, is it a Good Thing? Adrian Furnham LEADERSHIP When I Grow Up I want to be a 21st-Century Leader Nina Mohadjer Empathy: A Cornerstone in the Successs of your Company Anna Maria Rostomyan REMOTE WORK The Evolution of Remote and Hybrid Work Alanah Mitchell MANAGEMENT Managing virtual working as a standard everyday practice, A reflection and recommendations for practitioners on the ground Petros Chamakiotis MENTAL HEALTH The Resilience Rings: A new neuropsychological framework for building resilience Javier S. Casademunt & Simon L. Dolan

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