242 PORTO AREA METRE GAUGE Steam survivors and more – Peter Dale presents a selection from his extensive slide collection to inspire modelling.

248 TOURNELLES-sur-MER David Jane and Nigel Thomas on their new French HO layout, an interchange between standard and metre gauge.

256 NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENTS The Nürnberg Spielwarenmesse returns, albeit reduced,

and many model railway companies reveal their plans. As usual, the first part of our coverage deals with HO. Next month – N, Z, TT, O, 1, narrow gauge, G, and scenics.




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A BRIEF GUIDE TO THE EPOCH DATING SYSTEM The following terms are used in our report: EPOCH I – approximately 1870 to 1920; vehicles in the liveries of the separate state and private railways. EPOCH II – approximately 1920 to 1945, from the formation of the large national state networks (DRG, BBÖ, SBB, etc). EPOCH III – approximately 1945 to 1968. EPOCH IV – approximately 1968 to 1994; vehicles with UIC computer numbering. EPOCH V – 1994 to 2006, from the foundation of DBAG, formation of private railway operating companies, and Europe-wide liberalisation of railway traffic. EPOCH VI – introduction of new Europe-wide UIC vehicle numbers with a country-specific code, starting 2007.

APRIL 2023

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We cannot claim to have mentioned everything that is listed: we have tried to include as much as possible and what are, in our opinion, significant and interesting new products.

Most illustrations have been derived from information supplied by manufacturers, and include CAD renderings. Readers should be aware that some pictures may have been retouched, and the final models may differ in detail.

The news of many of these products is by way of advance information, and the mention of any item should not be taken to mean that it is available.

Similarly, estimates of delivery dates should only be taken as an approximate guide based on stated intentions. Readers must await coverage in our ‘Latest Reviews’ or announcements in retailers’ advertisements which will indicate when particular models can be purchased. Enquiries should be directed to the relevant supplier, not the Editorial office!

This report has been compiled quickly and we apologise in advance for any errors or omissions. We hope such failings will be minor and not detract from your enjoyment of what we believe is the most complete English-language coverage of the model railway new product announcements.

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