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  • Leading article
  • Portrait of the Week
  • Diary WhatsApping Matt Hancock George Osborne
  • Politics Are boats the new Brexit? Katy Balls
  • The Spectator’s Notes The perils of thinking you are good Charles Moore
  • Ancient and modern Athenian plague

Rod Liddle

  • All civil servants hate the Tories
  • Douglas Murray Please afford me this little gloat
  • Barometer Civil service careers, food prices and March shivers
  • Matthew Parris Safe asylum routes won’t work
  • Lionel Shriver Despotic social controls cost lives
  • Letters Russia’s ‘friends’, DVDs, origin myths, yew
  • Any other business Why listed companies are leaving London Martin Vander Weyer
  • Ron vs Don DeSantis and Trump gear up for a fight Freddy Gray
  • Fiona Larkin ‘Borderland’: a poem
  • Worst Case scenario Can the cabinet secretary carry on? James Heale
  • Hot sources Matt Hancock’s WhatsApps will be a historical goldmine Andrew Roberts
  • ‘I don’t like gold’ The Italian architect behind Putin’s probable palace Paul Wood
  • Scandi noir Sweden’s street gangs are gaining power Paulina Neuding
  • ‘There are no films I regret’ An interview with Michael Caine Tanya Gold
  • Letter from Ukraine Gathering evidence of war crimes Peter Pomerantsev



  • Viv Groskop Glowing Still, by Sara Wheeler

Mia Levitin

  • Liliana’s Invincible Summer, by Cristina Rivera Garza

Jamie Collinson

  • In Ascension,
  • by Martin MacInnes
  • Andrew Lambirth Surrealists in New York, by Charles Darwent
  • Katrina Gulliver The Angel Makers, by Patti McCracken

Tessa Dunlop The Windsors at War, by Alexander Larman Sam Dalrymple

  • Courting India, by Nandini Das

Michael Arditti

  • What You Need From the Night, by Laurent Petitmangin

Hugh Thomson Banzeiro Òkótó by Eliane Brum Rebecca Watts

  • ‘She Wishes for the Cliffs of Devon’: a poem

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