Rat race, p33

Sums of anarchy, p30

Publicity hound, p18



22 James Walton

Victory City, by Salman Rushdie

24 Daisy Dunn

Battle Elephants and Flying Foxes, by Caroline Freeman-Cuerden

Andrew Taylor

My Father’s House, by Joseph O’Connor

25 Mia Levitin

Muppets in Moscow, by Natasha Lance Rogoff

  • Mark Bostridge Nightingale’s Nuns and the Crimean War, by Terry Tastard
  • Laurel Berger One Hundred Saturdays, by Michael Frank
  • Maggie Fergusson Stone Will Answer, by Beatrice Searle

29 Oliver Balch

Masters of the Lost Land, by Heriberto Araujo

30 Michael J. Barany

A New History of Greek Mathematics, by Reviel Netz

32 Olivia Potts

You Are Not Alone, by Cariad Lloyd; Jack and Me, by Cosmo Landesman


  • Interview

Rat Scabies on life after punk rock Revd Steve Morris

35 Exhibitions

Sussex Landscape:

Chalk, Wood and Water

Laura Gascoigne

36 Pop

Celtic Connections

Graeme Thomson

37 Cinema

The Whale

Deborah Ross

38 Classical music

Slaithwaite Philharmonic;


Richard Bratby

The listener

Sam Smith: Gloria

Rod Liddle

39 Theatre

Sound of the Underground;


Lloyd Evans


The Last of Us; Fauda

James Delingpole

41 Australian Arts

Peter Craven



  • High life Taki Low life Jeremy Clarke

Aidan Mathews

  • ‘Shibui’: a poem
  • Real life Melissa Kite Bridge Susanna Gross
  • Aussie life Michael Scammell Language Kel Richards


  • Chess Luke McShane Competition Lucy Vickery
  • Crossword Pabulum

No sacred cows

  • Toby Young
  • Battle for Britain
  • Michael Heath


  • Roger Alton Your problems solved Mary Killen


  • Tanya Gold Mind your language Dot Wordsworth
  • Honouring Australia Day Empower the people David Flint


Nigel Biggar discusses the morality of colonialism with Matthew Parris on p14. He is the emeritus professor of moral theology at Oxford University.

Svitlana Morenets was an award-winning journalist in Kyiv before last year’s invasion. She gives a

Ukrainian perspective on the war on p8.

Daisy Dunn, who writes about animals in the ancient world on p24, is the author of books on Homer and Pliny and a history of Oxford between the wars.

Mark Bostridge writes on p26 about warring factions of nuns nursing during the Crimean War. He is the author of Florence Nightingale: the Woman and Her Legend.

Michael J. Barany is a senior scholar of the history of science at Edinburgh University. He writes about ancient mathematics on p30.