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Maurice Saatchi, Amanda Gearing, John Mather, Amelia Nagoski, Hayley Bennett Diary

Rosie Holt The joy of lex:

Prick Sarah Ogilvie plus Stephen Collins’s cartoon Philosopher-at-large:

The meaning of equality Julian Baggini € We can’t fix the NHS

without political honesty Sam Freedman ‡ Letters plus In fact Beating the

tech bro bullshitters Ethan Zuckerman Lives Crossword & Bobby Seagull’s

Brain Teaser Brief encounter

Shehan Karunatilaka

Suppressed, never forgotten

China’s Cultural Revolution persists in its victims’ memories Isabel Hilton Pop goes everything

Years of low interest rates have inflated an almighty bubble John Kay The (first) post-

Elizabethan age The  th century was a time of war, regicide and demon dogs Diane Purkiss Meet the archive moles

Digging through library stacks, in search of lost classics Lucy Scholes – Books in brief –‡ Television: Keeping up with

the Sussexes Imogen West-Knights – Stage: Freed from desire

Kate Maltby –– Pop: So long, genre

Laura Barton – Film: Point-blank genius

Sukhdev Sandhu

→ Isabel Hilton & Rana Mitter

on China’s stalling growth engine → Sheila Hancock, Alice

Goodman & Tom Martin have a columnist catch-up → Rafael Behr & Francesca Ebel

on whether Russians are fighting or fleeing A t or

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