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Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI


1 Leaders 9 Diary Mgr Keith Newton 69 Chesterton 70 February Feast Days 72 Meditations 73 Favourite Book

of the Bible Rob Rinder 74 Letters 96 Crossword

News & Comment 10 UK & Ireland 12 Vatican 14 World

US & Canada 16 Analysis

18 Ken Craycraft The hope of the Church 19 Niall Gooch The colours of Catholicism 20 Olenka Hamilton Two Vicars of Dibley? 21 Serenhedd James Benedict’s fashion sense 22 Robert Verrill Believing in miracles 23 Gavin Ashenden Galileo and the pope 64 Diane Montagna Letter from Rome 71 Richard J Ounsworth OP

The light of Candlemas


24 Defying Hitler The martyrs of the

White Rose resistance Alexandra Lloyd 65 Cardinal Pell A bitter loss for the

whole Church

28 Obituary A highly respected

conservative theologian Piers Paul Read 32 Notebook from Rome “A simple holy service

for a simple holy man” Melanie McDonagh 34 The Benedict bounce His visit to the UK buoyed

up young Catholics Fr Paschal Uche 35 Upon this rock Welcoming Benedict

to London Margaret Nicholson 36 God wants us to be holy How Benedict inspired

a whole generation Alex Dimminger 37 Care for catechism Benedict’s Catechism is a

unique gift to the Church Caroline Farey 38 Interview The thoughts of a priest

who knew him Diane Montagna

40 A tangible legacy The importance of

the Ordinariates Fr James Bradley 41 Benedict’s gift An Anglican order of

nuns becomes Catholic Mother Winsome SBVM 42 Freedom is ever new The legacy of Benedict’s

2008 visit to the US Fr Carter Griffin 44 A universal teacher Benedict XVI’s

ecumenical impact Matthew Olver 45 The presence of angels Benedict’s theology

of Church music Sara Pecknold 46 Heart speaks to heart Benedict’s theology owed

much to Cardinal Newman Simon Caldwell 48 The wisdom of Benedict Selected thoughts on

belief and mission, in his own words