EDrTon Maurlce A. Smlth D-F.o. aPORTa EDITOR Peter Crarnier aaolaraN7 EDtroFa Leonard A. Ayton, Ronald Barker MTDLANo Eotron Edward Evee aRT EDtroR Howard VYse

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m.NAotilo DlREoroB H. N. Prlaulx tf,'a'e'

Anticipation and Judgment n FTEN somethiag said casually sticks in the mind I LtA echoes around like the melody of a popular V ,,rrr.. Two things we heard within a day or two have been doing iust this, and they are both direcdy connected with &iving safelY.

One is a slogan repeatedly given out over the air from the pirate radio ship Atlota- A srnooth transadantic voice says : " Time is the fourth dimensioo' Take time on the ioad. Remember, speed kills." It is rather a short-sighted generalization, of coutse, but it does carry impact. The other phrase came from an ex-truck drir"., now a publican, who said most astutely on the question of fasi driving: "Any fool:an get it up there, but it tates skill to bring the speed down agaia safely'"

Those of us concemed with road tesdng often drivc fast cars at speds well above average, and tend to take for granted ih. *y we adapt our techniques to the .orrdtiot t. The hazards of fast driving on trunk roads are a little different from those on motorways, but the one esseotial rule of alnost excessive anticipation applies equally.

Orx trunk roads, danger comes from drivers of approaching vehicles not assessing the closing speeds

"iir.ctly "nd fro* those who aflempt manceuvres that they really do not have the dme to complete' One learns to iook for the car beginning to edge out arouod the large lorry, and to be ready to slow in good time' Ooe alio tearns from experience the surprisingly rapid closing rate with slower-moving cars and lories going the same way; and to make the most of overtaking opportunities, oo. -rrtt be able to iudge the speed of all other vehicles very quickly. Hesitation can mean a lost chance, but the wrong decision certainly causes embarrassment and could prove fatal.

On motorways (and, all told, u'e cover many thousands of miles a year on them), it is again experience that teaches one to watch the traffic pattern well ahead and to plan one's reactions to take in what the other vehicles will do. So often an impending blockage of the overtaking lane can be anticipated well in advance, by spotting the slow lorry that will pull out round au even slower uuck iust as a faster car is about to pass theur both in the cenue lane. fn rurn the laner is going to be forced into the ovenaking lane, of course-the oo" yo, had planoed to use. Driving at speeds over im -"".p.u. cails for conditioned reflexes and practice ,fr*

"ri"o, be gained over-night' It needs an.enquiring mind, eager to L"-, and rich in the imagination of what-miglt happerr-and often does-when otler road users relax their conceotration.

Speed, pet se,does rpt kill, any more than swimmiog ot,rt of ot." depth causes &owning' But speed misused can be tragically dangerousl the &iver with haste uppermost in trii mina can be a menace and seldom gets there fust. Efrcieot progress comes from smooth and planned driving, not from nerve-racking cut-and-thrust Lursts that inconvenience and endanger others as well'

In this issue we are starting a pictorial series that we hope will help to briqg hune the imponarre of corrcent*tio* at all times, not iust on one's own driving but on what every other road user in the vicinity is doing at the same moment, The situations are simple, everyday ones, the ones productive of everyday accidents, trnfortunately. Each one of them could be avoided, for all result from some human failing.


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