lJt(oCa,r EDtToR Maurice A. Smlth o.F.o. aPoRTg EDIToR Peter Garnier AaalaraN? EDrroBB Leonard A. Ayton, Ronald Barker UTDLAND EDITOR EdWATd EVCS ART EDlTon Howard VYse

29 MAY 1964

mANAoaNo DIBEoToR H. N. Prlaulx u.a.s'


More For Your Money

PPARENTLY there is still some difference of /\ ooinion amonq car manufacturers as to what is /a' "i ".*,r. " aid what equipment should be in- cluded for the inirial price of a car. In an endeavour to make their prices look more competitive, some makers leave out things that are included in the specification of other makei. They may maintain, with a cenain iustification, that it is the car dealer's business to sell and fit the exuas. Our own feeling is that the buyer sets himself a target price, and once he has found somettring around this he is reluctan't to go beyond it to make the specification complete.

A published list price does not necessarily tell the full siory, and those about to buy a new car would do well io get complete details of all models near their price li-it, to see iust what they will get for theil rnoo"y. Few would want to go through a British wintei without heater or screen washer, and absence of tlese tn'o only from a specification would call for the expenditure of something like another f20' This could push some cars into another mental price bracket, while a car that already has these may be a better bargain than its price suggests.

Here wi must give a word of praise to most Continental cars sold in this country, particularly those from Italy. \trhat Italian makers do in their own market urith regard to exrras is their business, but certainly those on sale here, in nearly every case' are very fuily equipped. Some of our own makers are a little less gererous, yet others of thern offer all the accessories one normally noeds-and even urore-in the standard package.

Where Are Our Milestones ?

ONE OF THE PLEASURES of motoring on the grand routes of France is to watch the steadily decreasing figures on the kilometre posts to your next rendezvous. These posts or stones have another useful purpose, for if the colour of the tops change, you can be pretty sure you are on the wrong road, unless you are being navigated skilfully' Vhere are our own milestonis? Bifore the war we had these useful and often omamental helps for the ttaveller, but threat of invasion caused many to disappear. London Stone still stands, but where are the others-still in some vast, secret vault for security? Our motorways have insigrrificant little barbers'poles and blue telephones, but no sturdy block of granite, or even conctete, to say we are X miies from London or Y from York. lVe have campaigrred for years for better signposting in Britain, and it ii i-p.ori"g slowly' Is the milestone too traditional for the planners of today, too slow in its -message for modem speed? Fonunately not all counties think so, and we wish there were more like them'


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