LI toca,r EDtroB Maurlce A. Smlth D.r.o. aPoBTa EDIToIt Peter Garnler AaararAilT EDlrong Leonard A. Ayton, Ronald Barker mrDLAilD EDtToR Edward Eves aBT EDtron Howard Vyse l7 APRIL 1964

maillorNo DtFEoroR H. N. Prlaulx ill.B.E.

Counting Your Costs ,TIHIS weeft we present our second f(}.c-ar C.orn-

I parison; the headiry " For You to Choose" should f ;gain be noted afr taken literalty. There are so many consideratioos that are not-and in fact cao- oot-bs listed in our feature. The cars we have selected are not necessarily directly comparable but they are designed to give service and would be likeiy t<r find a place in the sflne list fm a proalrctive buyer. Wtreo Uigtrer priced cars arc bcing corsidered, the acceut Ml co*s may shift Therc is usually a little morc strercb, both io the price th't can be paxd and the running -coots drat can be urtemplated. On the other hand, unless the car it to be oompany owrred, -the rate of depreciation Eay be a rnaix frctor. ard r'rrfor- tunately the more exciting cars, parriculady if they have s'pecial bodies, very higb perforrnance or corr- vertiblC mps, tcod to depreciate more r':apidly.

A questiori arises also as to whether or mt a rathet lorrer- priced model with a lot of spcial a$ lurury extrzs-the persoaralized car-would bc prefcrablc to another

"lready on the to,p price mark but without, san a radio or spoi lamp. Some would say that wherc tbe choice of your rrw car has bcen narrowod down to a couple of iinalists, the casting vote slrould be given in favdur of the one whoee local agcut offers the best 8e8- vice.

Good insurance mea usually eecm logical and convincing when they are talking to you, but later, -when thinking over what they have said, it does not alrrays add up. You know thit you will be just as good (or bad) ; risk in car A of our tist as car B but the iDsur- arrcs ma!'$ records rnay tell hirn ntberwise' Your choice may be a car carrying a proud rurne tbat was oope associatd with racin& Ah, that is very serious; a 25 per cent jump io prerrium is idicated and a t50 ercesi. Enough said, but the cost of insuraoce is a major oonsideratim with sornc cars.

Petrol Consumption

Bcforc leaving readers to browse through thc information sarting overlcaf, we must again mentiolr fucl coostmrptioa- It ought m be poesible to give preciee figurer for m.p.g but it seldom mrks out this way.

For maoy y@$ Autocsr has printed an overall test consumption figure which is dcdnitely rather harrd oo the car, ard a nonnal range or brachet indicative of tbe worst and best ro-p.g. figures to be cxpected accprding to conditims, r@ds and driving tecbniques. Mce receotlv we barrc beeo giving also a coosumption cu,rve for conttant speeds. tnis aoes not irrdicate what might be expected on the road, except perhape for protracted periods of cruisi.g oD a motonvay.. Where- a cunre Legios to plunge d-own (ower m-".&)- at say 70 m.pi. oni crn oV 4it 65-70 m.p}- is the higbest ecorrorrical motorway crusrng speed. But engine noise ard fuss or mother's nerves may dictate otherwise- Constam speed comurnptioo howener, do give a good basis for mprisoo-

To pliase Continental readers and sqne of our technical t-Vpes wc reccntly tded addiog the calculated DIN figure,-&phined on page ll5 of our 17 ]anuary' 1964' isiue.' Tiris gives a-gfu represenadve consumpti'on fisure most of thc time but occasionally it goes astray (list week's Ford Zephyr 6 test: DIN 16'3 m,p.&i iverall test figure l9;1 m.p'g.; repres€dative onr'netrs' figure, about 2O m.p.g.). -We-should be pleissd if regular readers rvoutd gl+f9 back at our leading arride in 6 March issue which introduccd the fi.rst lG'Car C-ompa,rison of models up to 1570. The thougbts er<pressed there apply equally to the number 2 selcction of cars which follows.

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