Aurtocar EDrroF Maurlce A. Smith D.F.c. aPoFTa EDtToB Peter Garnier AaatarANT Eor?oBa Leonard A. Ayton, Ronald Barker MTDLAND EDtroR Edward Eves aBT EDtToe Howard Vyse

3 APRIL 1964


Getting Together T T is a measure of the enthusiasm for cars and

I aririrrg that motorists hold sron& individualistic I. opinions about almost every,thing to do with thein. This should not prevent all of us who are concerned from getting together over relatively small marrers about which probably we could agree; for example, turn indicator lamps-their colour, size, inteosiry and approximate posi ion on the car.

There is no need to waste time and trouble bringrng in new regulations on cofirmon-sense matters. May we suggest that indicators should all be am,ber colour, about 4 sq. in. in area, mounted on the vehicle's four corner o<tremiti€s between ?tt ard 6ft above ground, bright by day but autornatically less bright when the car's driving lamps are switched on? We doubt if anyone would disagree irreconcilably with these suggestions.

What have we at present, as a result mainly of a lack of thought and interest amounting almost to iresponsibility on the part of motor manufacturers? \Ve have a chaotic jumble of flashing signals in pink, red, amber and white, some feeble, othen huge and dazzling. On some models they arc positioned too low and on others carurct be soen except from positions practically suaight ahead or directly behind. Such a state of afrairs must contribute to co,nfusion and danger; ard, incidentalln the unnecessary muldplicity of lamp designs must add to car co8t8.

Out of Step

!7HILE TI{E LATEST report of the Nadonal Economic Development C.ouncil, The Growth ol the Econorny, published last week, ernphasizes the oruemely healthy state of the Brirish motor industry, it must surely give rise to some furious rethinking on the part d other of the nation's planncrs, parriculady those concerrsd witb roads. Briefly summarizod, ..N6dy. shows us thal a s1666y locs in our share of the world,s export markets was halted ta 1962, althougb the subsequent increase has beeo at the erpense of a low level of return on tJre industry's capital.

Forecasts of future growth ir ourput of vehicles and compqr€ots are h,igtrer than those made by N.trIDC.

last year, and the output is now expected to grow at a rate of 8.2 per cent per aturum. This is because of the irrcrease in home market demand for cars. When it was assumod that Britain would join the Common Market, foreign cars were expected to take 15 per cent of the home market by 1966; the new prediction is only 7 per cent. Not so optimistically, earnings from exports in 1966 are now estimated at € 765m sterling, whereas a year ago it was assumed that by 1966 they would total C90Om il we joioed the European Eco,noutrc Cornmunity.

In overseas markets, says the report, the British motor industry faces interrse competition, but on the basis of a steady expansion in the home market there should be a rapid growth of productivity. All this means we are going to make even more cars and sell eveo more-but mootly for use on our orryn roads. Arc these extri cars going to mean more rods, more sensible use of existing roads, more room to part withoun interfering with other road users----or just more congestion? Our motor industry makes plans and puts thern into practice; " Neddy " says so. When will the other planners get into step?


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