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20 MARCH 1964

iraNAotNo DlREoroR H. N. Prlaulx rn.a.e.

Hidden Enemies I f ANY owners of cars would nevcr drcam of N /l takins even the most casual look around to IYI see iI anything appears amiss. They are probably the same people who are surprised if the damp patctr on the bedroom ceiling suddenly erupts into a lascade from a rusted water tank, or if a loosc uouser button cornes o,ff at an awkward moment' It is the job of the garage to tighten anything that is loose and to watch for liaky silencers or other sigrrs of wear, they think. Often their confidence is justified, but if they studied the evenrual result to their pockets of any neglect, well exemplified by the anicles on depreciarion in our issue of 6 March, they might take more interest'

This thought id prompted by tle steadily increasing lengrhs of tirne between services that are recommended for many modern cars. Ve are all for pans that are sealed for life or require looking at every 1O000 miles or so, and we applaud the manufacturers' ability to make ttris state of affairs possible. One slightly disturbing idea that arises-and we have refercd to this beforiis "what is bappeoing to other parts underneath the car while the sealed ioints shift safely and happily in their life-long comfort?" Whose iob is it to look underneath occasioually, or does one wait until something drops down-or off-noisily and expensively? Who watches for signs of corrosion? There is still such a thing as preventive maintenanae; it usually can be done with little trouble if tackled early enough.

It can be a long time between routine services with nrany a modern car. It may be folly to go so long without some sort of visual inspection, eitier at home or by your local repair expert. Perhaps garages might offer this as an additional service to motorists.

Hard:Good or Bad? HARD DRMNG c.uurot be reconciled with good driving, suggests a reader. Since we often use this term in connection with test reports perhaps we should commeot. Nearly all the hard driving to which we refer in print, including occasiout whsn we inteotionally

"lose" a car on a bend in order to experience its behaviour, is done on test Eacks, but all of us on occasions &ive hard on the roods as wcll.

It really depends on what you m€an bJ hard; you can use a iar's gearbox and maximuin acceleration more freely than usual, take advantage of every clear stretch ana iafe opening, drivc round open road bends quickel than usual and brake later and harder on the approaches to them-all without driving badly in any scnse. Naturally, this applies to drivers who are both competent and experienced.

Some of our drivers admit that they are at their worsr when pottering. It is then that one is less on guard, when the attenrion is more likely to be divided an'd the senses slow up. Hard driving is exhilarating and it demands total concentration. We do not know whether hard drivers hatte trrrore accidents than slow drivers but we would gucts that they caase fewer.


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