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6 MARCH 1964

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It's Your Money! t-T-l O the manv requests we receive for advice on

I the choice of a ,i.w "ar we usually reply. " Ttris I is so much a matter of personal preferences that we do not feel able to recommend a particular model"' However, we can ofier informatioo, performance ngr.rt.., price comparisons, dimensions and. the like to help a reader to make his or her own selectron'

S^o*"titttes people say, " Oh we know you are afraid to be specific iotieur of ofien-ding manufacturers'" A few suigest that we are pulling our punches rather than uiGt the advertisers' Vell, they are wrong; men

"o -oi. agree about the vices and virtues of a car than of

" *onirtt. In the same vein you " cannot buy Autor*" caress " nor' to please those who thrive on moans and misery, wili we go i! for slanging or ridicule in suctr an impeifi:ct and lirgely unappreciative world'

What we can try to do iJ provide accurate, factual information (the -obiective ituff) and consructive commentary on the subjective side. For -our test team to complete one full road test report-each week, come .uin oi shine, and bearing in mind rhe vagaries of bia.rd new models, is a big task and a big responsibility'

On the subiect of ne* hodels we should record that the very early examples are often not .wholly representativi of the cars ihat leave the production line l2 or 18 months later. Naturally readers want a test reDort as soon as a car is announced-and we want to ,"Uti.t it-vet when we sample a model for a second time, after production has stttled into - a rhythm, it neariv alwavi makes a more favourable impression on us. ttre rough edges, metaphorically and physically, have been rubbed off.

The measured performance figures, on the other hand. are seldom better, unless the model has been modihed, and sometimej they are not quite so good' Crm frolrn a production line always dq-Y"ly a little, ana if welt trdated each one improves slictrll.v both in performance and economy up to 8,000 to 12,000 miles' ' On these opening pages we have put together facts and impressions foi your guidance. Ten small, low- priced iars comprise-this first group.for comparisonl L a number of -respects they are srictly competidve' The basic data is there for direct comparison and their widely difiering living room, baggage room and furnish- inss.are briefly summed uP. "suoerimoosid on the Considerations of facts and imorissions of each model are others more personal, tbe size of the possible owner's pocket and family, the mileaee to be iovered each year and the duties to be undeiaken. Truly, the choice is yours!

FOUNDEO 1t05, publBheat by ilttre Ttmsgort publtcations tJtal., DoEst Eouse- SiaEfold 6nrert, London, a.E.l' (Teleglute" wsterloo 1335)' (Telor a5l5?.) (Tetegra*: Attocafi, rnndot, Tcler-) BR4NoH orfrLi's, co;"."t, d-ro corporstion -8trst. (?elephore" coventrv 25210)' BrurNcm' Ki,aEdwardEou*,NesBtEt,BinilBh&oz(Telcphone: uiii.?azigii.'-rtiiwids1r,n,--zeo ieaugate, MaDchester 3 (Teleeh@e: BlektriaE 4412' Desssste 3595). Gr^aoow, 123 I'ope Street' Gls8pw, c.z'"iiiipiiiil| ci^';i;"ii{15:ot' BnIsaoL; u MaBh str€et, Bristol l. (Telephone: Brlstol 2149r-g). T.tre auual Eub@rtptioD t8i E.K. € 4 188. ovds ;."-a;;;" -""a u.s.a. rrz.oo. Sc@d clN Drlvlleges autiorlzod at New Ymt' N.y. @ rtrffc .rroporr pubncsiloN Ltd., 1964. perisioE ;";ep;;aft'; ui"Jtoiiois's"diutierpress ia t&is rournBl cu be srsDted onlv udor wtltten yet.urrE r20 srrcEont. Brlet cxtracts-;r "il--iii-u-."y bo msdc with duc eknorl€daeEmt' NUmBEn t6tl rl