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Competition in 1964 IiIROSPECTS are excellent for motor racing and t" rallying in the coming year, and the sport stands r' fair to win new support and favour. Still the best known of all rallies, the Monte " d6roules " itself in only a few days from now, and much new interest arises from the powerful American entries in addition to the familiar European names.

Much the same can be said of the outlook for that other classic, the Le Mans 24-hour race, and here we may see intriguing new names and perhaps the return of notable recent absentees. The Ferrari supremacy is likely to be challenged and the middle-and-aft engine position has become almost a " must " among the really fast cars.

On the permanent circuits there will be two new formulae sorting themselves out-formula 2 in which Autocar takes a special interest (we organized a formula 2 championship in 1959-61 and hope to do so again in the 1965 season) and formula 3. The " rough and tumble " of a first season often provides the greatest excitement for spectators.

*** Oddly enough, International formula I shows signs of losing favour, in spite of the greater speed of the cars and the skill of the top drivers. Peter Garnier has already referred to the enormous expense of staging a formula I race and has also made one or two suggestions to race organizers concerning greater spectator interest, which we hope will be followed up. In particular these were aimed at making drivers more readily identifiable to the spectators, such as allocating permanent racing numtrers to the C.S.I.-graded names at the beginning of each season. The World Champion would then carry the number " I " for the year of his reign; the runner-up would be No. 2, and so on. And we would still like to see drivers with their helmets finished in bright, distinctive " stable colours."

The current l*Jitre formula I may seem dreary now rhat the new 3-litre unblown or lj-litre blown proposals have been announced but we have it for two more seasons and must make the most of it. Too few races have the full international flavour and fervour, despite their billing as " fnternational."

Racing enthusiasts, in the U.K. in particular, have rnade no bones about their growing delight in " pro-

duction " car racing. Americans, perhaps, more realistically, call them stock cars; many of them come frornt stock we believe, but very few are produced.

Scrutineering has become a very dodgy business. The temptation to bend the rules is terriffic-by entrants because they are sure everyone else does and by the organizers, whose main interest is to entertain the spectators. One could not accept a free-for-all but we favour a minimum of uncomplicated regulations, with all the rest left to the undoubted inventiveness of those who prepare the cars and race them.

The only real risks racing in Britain has to face are of costs getting too high, sameness in some classes, too infrequent appearances of top international drivers and the growing difficulty of getting to and from some tracks during the summer months. So far as our maior rallies are concerned, there is a good chance that this branch of the sport may be regarded more tolerandy by the public now thar all the competitive motoring has been removed from public roads.

'$7e sign off these sports-thoughts with promises of Monte Carlo Rally stories in our next three issues and of reports on the Racing Car Show, with some previews of new formula 2 and 3 cars next Friday and on Friday week.


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