Lonely? Join the club Fixing the male friendship recession


Love around the world What is love? Couples from Saudi Arabia to Namibia open up

Issue 112 / January–March2023



08 In sight

The ‘solar punks’ turning their east London street into a power station

26 Good figures

We crunch the numbers on some of this quarter’s most constructive developments

  • 10 News in brief
  • Immerse yourself in 17 pages of the good news that matters

28 Positive picture

The octogenarian whose folk songs are regenerating Romania


Five visionary doctors transforming how we understand health

74 Life lessons

Entrepreneur Deborah Meaden on what life has taught her so far

76 For the love of

The supermarket shelf stacker breaking ice swimming records

78 Life after

  • Portuguese villagers are regenerating their landscape after a deadly wildfire

80 Silver linings

Vertical farming: the hope behind the hype

82 Our community

  • How you keep your spirits up when the light is low