20 Medieval marvels

Ian Mortimer hails the staggering progress – in everything from medicine to exploration – achieved by our medieval ancestors

29 Histories of fear

Kate Summerscale explores what five phobias reveal about our anxieties though the centuries

36 A golden age for women?

  • Marion Turner on what Chaucer’s Wife of Bath can tell us about a time of great change for women

46 How the Holocaust began

James Bulgin on how the German invasion of the Soviet Union triggered a policy of annihilation in eastern Europe

52 Forgotten Tudor voices

  • Lucy Wooding profiles eight people whose experiences shed light on the challenges of life in the 16th century

59 The chaotic 17th century

  • Jonathan Healey argues that people power drove the unrest that buffeted England in the age of Charles I and Oliver Cromwell


6 Anniversaries

The Conversation

  • Britain’s century of strike action
  • Michael Wood on the history of the home
  • Historical perspectives on the battle over US abortion rights
  • Hidden Histories The story of a little-known BBC presenter
  • Letters
  • Q&A History questions answered


66 Interview: Caroline Dodds Pennock on the Indigenous Americans who visited Europe after 1492
70 New history books reviewed
  • Diary: What to see and do this month
  • Podcast: The weirdest masterpieces in art history
  • Explore: Hughenden Manor
  • Holidays: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Prize crossword
  • My history hero Monica Ali picks Richard Burton