Admire Textiles to Buy, Collect, or Covet Attire Critical Reporting on Fashion Trends
COLOUR SWATCH — Sarah Jane Downing p.96 BLUE PRINT — Katherine Knight p.140
WIN, WIN, WIN — Exclusive to Selvedge Readers p.94 TURNING OF THE SEASONS — Bradley Quinn p.50
Insight WARM & COSY — Polly Leonard p.06 Textiles That Touch our Lives FLUFF & NONSENSE — Sandy Black p.60 Industry From Craft to Commerce
RURAL ROOTS — Deborh Eydmann Beau p.42 A HAPPY MEDIUM — Prasad Ramamurthy p.79
OLD AS THE HILLS — Polly Leonard p.36 SUN SALUTATION — Anne Laure Camilleri p.46
CUT FROM THE SAME CLOTH — Laura Thomas p.26 TO DYE FOR — Lynne Curan p.64
TWO MAGICIANS — Katy Bevan p.72 COMPLEMENTARY COLOURS — Polly Leonard p.32

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Out & About with Selvedge

KOREAN WAVE — Lee Talbot p.56

A GIFT OF SERENDIPITY — Nelson Sepulveda p.18

TEXTILE TOWNS — Sarah Jane Downing p.82

ABSOLUTE BLUE — Reiko Sudō p.10

HELEN YARDLEY — Jane Audas p.86

KNITWEAR — Jennifer Harper p.88

CECILIA VICUÑA — Corinne Julius p.90

REENA KALLAT — Sarah Jane Downing p.92

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