D I A RY 3 Lok Man Law Trauma
CHIN A 4 Robert Templer China after Mao: The Rise of a Superpower by Frank Dikötter
PO EM 5 Daniel J. Dolley ‘Evening at the Dhaba’
HIS T O R Y 6 Bill Hayton In Asian Waters: Oceanic Worlds from Yemen to Yokohama by Eric Tagliacozzo
C A MOB ODI A 7 Elizabeth Becker Anthropological Witness: Lessons from the Khmer Rouge Tribunal by Alexander Laban Hinton
PO EM 8 Ivan Stacy ‘Winter City’
INTER VIE W 9 James Crabtree Bilahari Kausikan
N O TEB O O K 12 Michael Vatikiotis No surrender
J O URN AL 13 Kang-Chun Cheng The last generation
PO EM 14 Johanna Carissa Fernandez ‘Cabin’
MAL A Y S I A 15 Parthiban Muniandy Irregular Migrants and the Sea at the Borders of Sabah, Malaysia: Pelagic Alliance by Vilashini Somiah
ENVIR O NMENT 17 Wayne McCallum Troubling the Water: A Dying Lake and a Vanishing World in Cambodia by Abby Seiff
RELI GI O N 18 Paul Fuller Wayward Distractions: Ornament, Emotion, Zombies and the Study of Buddhism in Thailand by Justin Thomas McDaniel
LITER A TURE 19 Trent Walker Out of Cambodia
SHO R T S T O R Y 21 Shah Tazrian Ashrafi Brother
S TREE TFO O D 23 Sadaf Saaz Jhal muri
FI CTI O N 24 Dayaneetha De Silva Rejection: A Sumatran Odyssey by Ashadi Siregar
FI CTI O N Rhoda Feng Saha by Cho Nam-joo
S PY FI CTI O N 25 Paul French China calling
PO E TR Y 26 Adil Amin Akhoon and Bisma Farooq Sufi circles
NEI GHB O URH O O D 27 Tsering D. Gurung Never alone
P R O FILE 28 Minh Bui Jones Drew Pavlou
A RT 30 James Flath Paper Horses: Traditional Woodblock Prints of Gods from Northern China by David Leffman
FILM 31 Ruby Thiagarajan #LookAtMe by Ken Kwek
S P O RT 32 Annika Yates Heavy lifting
TR A VEL 33 Aileen Blaney Tripping up
B O O KS ELLER 34 Didier Pujol Parenthèses, Hong Kong

EDITOR Minh Bui Jones

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