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Steve Bray, Beccy Speight, Sophie Dannreuther, Keith MacKenzie, Sam Barlow Letters plus In fact Quiz of the year The joy of lex: Quiet quitting

Sarah Ogilvie Philosopher-at-large:

Climate compensation? Julian Baggini Stephen Collins’s cartoon Diary

Samuel West † A world without Twitter

Ethan Zuckerman That was quite the year.

What next? Sam Freedman † Lives Crossword & Bobby Seagull’s

Brain Teaser † Brief encounter

Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist & author

† Flight path

An original short story by Kirsty Gunn † A man of many voices

Bob Dylan’s playlist in print Laura Barton ’ Lips and ledges

Reviewing a great reviewer Rhodri Lewis ’ Manifesto for the weary

Can rest be revolutionary? Keith Kahn-Harris ’ Field work

The complexity of Peter Higgs Marcus Chown Owed to memory

Decoding Annie Ernaux David McAllister Books in brief Books of the year Classical: A life in music

Daniel Barenboim Stage: Steven Moffat gets real

Kate Maltby Pop: Pinch of Sault

Laura Barton Screen: Diamonds from ashes

Sukhdev Sandhu

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