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This months contributors

Mary McIntyre

Outreach astronomer


is a great

way of bringing the family together, with a range of different stargazing activities for all ages and abilities”. Mary shares her tips for family-friendly astronomy everyone will enjoy, page 34

Rod Mollise

Astronomy author

“I hope my series has given city stargazers hope that there are galaxies, star clusters and even nebulae they can go for.” In the final part of his series, Rod reveals the best winter deep-sky targets from urban skies, page 66

Anita Chandran

Science writer

“Isaac Newton was a pivotal figure in astronomy, but also a complicated and isolated man. On his 380th birthday, I had the chance to look back at the work that made him a household name.” Find out more on page 72

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Interview: Making alien contact

Exoplanet researcher Emma Johanna Puranen on what would happen if we found extraterrestrial intelligence.

The Sky at Night: Multiverse of Mystery

The team explore science fiction ideas like multiverses and interstellar travel, asking if they could ever become science fact.

Download your 2023 Moon phases poster

Access the lunar phase dates and times for the whole of the coming year, delivered directly to your smartphone or tablet.

The Virtual Planetarium

Pete Lawrence and Paul Abel guide us through the best sights to see in the night sky this month.