Inside The Wire 467 | January 2023

60 Reviews Index 61 Soundcheck New vinyl, CDs, downloads and

streams, plus reissues and specialist columns, including: 63 Satoko Fujii Piano magic. By Phil Freeman 69 Leslie Keffer Queen of noise. By Raymond Cummings 83 Children Of The Stones Monumental nostalgia. By Richard

Thomas 88 Print Run New music books, including: 88 Tune In, Turn On, Drift Off A history of ambient music’s psychedelic

past. By Raymond Cummings 92 On Screen New films and DVDs: James Sharp’s The

Jangling Man: The Martin Newell Story; Alexandra Cabral & Ian Svenonius’s The Lost Record 94 On Location Recent festivals, gigs and clubs,

including: 97 Anthony Braxton + Henry Threadgill’s Zooid The veteran bandleaders at the London

Jazz Festival. By Gabriel Bristow 99 On Site Recent art events: Carolee Schneemann:

Body Politics

10 Unlimited Editions REC-on 10 Unofficial Channels Xenwiki 12 Heith The Milanese producer looks to magickal

traditions. By Miloš Hroch 14 Venus Ex Machina Cybernetics meet mythology for the

researcher and composer. By Meg Woof 16 Kraus New Zealand psych wizard goes for a

float. By Kiran Dass 18 Daniel Bachman The American Primitive guitarist

chronicles climate crisis. By Louis Pattison Global Ear 20 Kadıköy The Istanbul neighbourhood is the home

for metal and underground music. By Robert Rigney 87 The Inner Sleeve Gaye Su Akyol on Morphine’s Good 114 Epiphanies

Meg Baird on Sheila Kay Adams and John Cohen

Invisible Jukebox 22 Kali Malone Our mystery record selection pulls out

all the stops for the composer and organist. Tested by Derek Walmsley 32 Releases Of The Year We asked our contributors to nominate

31 2022 Rewind: the year in underground music

their top ten records, CDs, downloads and streams of the year, then we added up the votes 38 Critics’ Reflections Wire writers discuss their cultural highs

and lows for 2022 39 The New Vaudeville Funny games. By Stewart Smith 41 Turntablists Spin cycles. By Rob Turner 43 Columnists’ Charts Our specialist critics excavate all

crevices of the culture for this year’s most exciting music, from hiphop to modern composition 49 Books, Films & Events Emily Bick surveys the year in print,

cinema, audiovisual arts and live performance 51 Climate Burning issues. By Phil England 52 Healing Sounds Good vibrations. By Emily Pothast

53 Archive Releases Of The Year Our contributors voted for their top ten

archival records, CDs, downloads and streams, and we counted them all up

6 Masthead 8 Letters 107 Out There Festivals, concerts, gigs and club listings 112 Subscribe Print, digital, downloads and CDs

Cover: 2022 Rewind by Leon Chew