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  • On Pilgrimage withJulian Fellowes


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  • Serenhedd James New lamps for old

Ken Craycraft

  • Space, time and incarnation
  • Olenka Hamilton Watching for inspiration
  • Niall Gooch A tale of two Christmases
  • Gavin Ashenden Why Shakespeare must have been a Catholic
  • Robert Verrill Considering the Immaculate Conception
  • Diane Montagna The Synod on Synodality continues to vex


Antonia Fraser at 90

  • The grand dame des belles-lettres speaks to Serenhedd James
  • Sanctifying the World George Weigel’s new take on Vatican II Gertrude Clarke
  • Far too great On the moral cost of the Sino-Vatican Deal Benedict Rogers
  • The Emerald Isle Roy Foster admires Mary Kenny’s essays on Ireland
  • The Virgin Birth Our Lady’s virginity is no later embellishment John Barton
  • An uneasy relationship Church and state have always clashed Piers Paul Read
  • Treats for Christmas The Vatican’s best Alicia Godfrey

40 Chesterton’s Christmas

In search of festive cheer with GK Chesterton and Ebenezer Scrooge Daniel Frampton

Charities special report

  • Suffering for their faith Rising extremism and nationalism are to blame for increased Christian persecution John Pontifex
  • Keeping up with the Companions Putting in a shift at an Order of Malta breakfast kitchen Ferdie Rous
  • Helping homeless youth Hugh Kerr highlights the work of Depaul UK